Sponsoring IISE Concordia Chapter

Sponsorship Packages

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship. Each sponsorship package presents different opportunities and levels of donations to IISE Concordia. In response to any act of generosity, IISE Concordia will provide various levels of marketing incentives and try to accommodate any reasonable demands. If interested, please contact our VP Sponsorship via E-mail for a detailed sponsorship package.

For more information about the conference and about sponsorship please see our sponsorship package by clicking the link hereafter:

EN_IISE Sponsorship Package 2016-2017


FR_IISE Sponsorship Package 2016-2017


For more information and for specialized packages please contact:

   Dario Vincelli
    VP Sponsorship

  Arielle Ashley J. Serrano

Previous Sponsors

Thank you for your support!