Conference Testimonials



Last’s years IIE Conference was hosted by ÉTS- École de Technologie Superieure. IIE Concordia congratulates them for their wonderful job of hosting!

Here are some testimonies and memories of 2011 IIE Conference, hosted by the University of Windsor:

“For all you closet nerds and out-of-the closet nerds, part time and full
time party animals, and all the rest of you freaky people this is one event you do NOT want to miss. Listening to a fortune 500 CEO giving you advice and talking about his business and how he, as an industrial engineering, became this successful gave me such great ambition and drive and it also made me feel like I belonged.”
– Gregory Ning

“Last year was my first time attending the conference. I was a second year student at the time, and let me tell you one thing: I wish I had also gone on my first year! It’s academic and fun at the same time. You learn a great deal about industrial engineering in the daytime and go partying at night. What I liked the most, at the conference, was seeing all Concordia students run to the stage when we won the Golden Eye. And we can win again with your help!”
– Alexandra Katakis

“The IIE National conference is the best thing I ever did to meet people in my program. I’ve made great friends and collected many contacts at the two conferences I’ve been to. I really enjoy the opening ceremony since Concordia has a reputation as making a big first impression. The seminars are really helpful and put to practice what my professors talk about all year. Taking part in the competitions and plant tours are fulfilling. But the most fulfilling is Concordia winning the ‘Golden I’ and the Robert F. Moore award!”
– Adnan Ali